Left to right: Andy Hawthorne, MD, Wade Dunlap, MD, Brady Anderson, MD, Bratcher Runyan, MD, and Mario Longoria, MD

Welcome to the surgical practice of Central Texas Surgical Associates – Drs Andy Hawthorne, Brady Anderson, Bratcher Runyan, Mario Longoria, Wade Dunlap and James Carroll. We appreciate your selection of our office and welcome any suggestions on improving our services to you.

Our practice is dedicated to the care of our patients and we strive to be compassionate, honest and respectful of patient rights. General Surgery is constantly evolving and we strive to offer cutting edge surgical techniques while providing the highest standard of care. All of our surgeons offer a wide spectrum of surgical skills that covers the breadth of General Surgery, using many of the newer minimally invasive techniques and da Vinci® Surgical System .

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